Friday, May 22, 2009


When you find a cousin or other relative while working on your family tree that is a great joy and reward for all your work. When you see that they have some of the same photographs that you have seen in your own home growing up you really "get it". You know that there are others out there that share your genetic background and are a product of all that have gone before.
They are family.
My grandmother is the little girl in the front with her hands in her lap.
Marie Octavie Carriere


victor chounard said...

I have this EXACT copy of this photo My grandmother, Rose Dellima Carriere is on her fathers lap Paul Carriere next to your grandmother which is her older sister

Lori E said...

Victor that is so cool. I would love to hear from you directly by email since I have no contact information from you. Please email me directly by clicking on the Email button on the top left of this blog.