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This document is an Upper Canada Land Petition, a petition for Crown land. It is in the name of my husband's 3rd Great Grandmother, Catherine Pickle Schriver and is dated April 2, 1793.
Ontario was once part of Quebec and it didn't become a separate province until 1791. There was not much white settlement until the arrival of the Loyalists. It was at that point called Upper Canada. From 1841 until 1867 it was referred to as Canada West then in 1867 at our Confederation it became Ontario.
From this we can learn a few valuable things. Firstly it shows the maiden name of Catherine Schriver (Schryver, Schryber) as Pickle and then it names her father, John Pickle. Thirdly it states clearly that her father John Pickle was a Loyalist.

The term "Loyalist" is a reference to the American colonists who supported and remained loyal to the British Crown. During the American Revolution (1775-1783) many of them served under the British. Upon coming north some of them settled in the provinces which are now Nova Scotia, New Bruswick, Prince Edward Island, Quebec and Ontario. Some of the Loyalists were to receive 200 acres of land upon coming here.

Those who can trace and prove their lineage connecting to a Loyalist may apply for and have the right to use the postnominal letters U.E. after their names signifying their ancestors loyalty.

On March 3, 17891 Catherine Pickle married George Schryver2. They had 14 children that I know of.

To His Excellency John Graves Simcoe, Esq.
Lieut. Governor and Commander in Chief
of the Province of Upper Canada, ______.

The memorial of Katherine
................................ daughter
Pickle alias Schriver ^ to John
Pickle Loyalist

Humbly Showeth
That your Excellency's memo
rialist being entitled to two
hundred acres of land agreeable
to the order of the ninth Nov.
1789~ humbly beg that the
same may be assigned to him
in the Township of Richmond
in the County of Lenox

Adolphustown } and your Excellency's Memo
2d April, 1793...... rialist as in duty bound
................................shall ever pray.
To His Excellency Katherine Pickle
J. G. Simcoe Esq.
Lieut. Governor ____
In Council
  2. Schriber, Schriver etc.


lindalee said...

Ted, that attorney husband of mine, has a British Loyalist in his line. They received some land in Ontario, if memory serves me. There are some really interesting stories in that line once they returned to the states....well, to the state of Ohio. I need to blog about them sometime.

Lori E said...

I'll never live that lawyer joke down will I. He will have to get me back with a genealogy wait that will get you too won't it?
I will keep my eyes open for your Loyalist relative posts.

hummer said...

Where do you look for land documents in Canada, or were you blessed enough to have it handed down? Thanks for the post, I have been trying to break through on my Canadian line and it has been difficult to put history with it.

Lori E said...

No this wasn't handed down. My husband knew nothing at all about his father's family. I was given this copy from a distant relative I found online. There are many places to look for land documents. It depends on which province you are looking for.

Brenda said...

Lucky you, with a Loyalist ancestor :-) It's nice to find more Canadian bloggers. For information about land records and other Loyalist sources, you may find my latest book helpful.