Sunday, June 5, 2011


My grandfather, Zephirin Champagne, Metis. I find this to be such an odd photo and I don’t know why.

Zephirin Champagne - Copy

It would have been taken in Manitoba most likely but they did spend time in North Dakota.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


top left Zephirin and Octavie, bottom Pierre Lavoie-1 - Copy

I have this newspaper clipping for my Grandmother’s obituary. I don’t know where it came from although I would imagine it was from Windsor, Ontario where she lived and died.

So how would you experienced genealogists site this source? I can say it is a newspaper clipping but what else?

Octavie Carriere Champagne was widowed 14 years before she died.

top left Octavie Carriere (l), Denise (r), top right (L to R) Rita, Octavie, Gertrude, Bottom Zephirin and Fred Carriere

Here she is with her eldest daughter, Denise. Denise went on to marry Pierre Lavoie but they had no children. Denise was widowed in middle age and never remarried.