Monday, June 3, 2013


I stopped anonymous commenters but sadly that is not enough as I am now getting spam comments from phony blogger profiles.

I will not take this lying down. I have reported this spam blog profile and you can do it too if someone is posting on your blog using a fake Blogger profile.

I know you can do this no matter where they are posting from but since this was a Blogger profile I’ll go with that one.

To report the spam blogger click on their name to take you to their blogger profile page. You will see nothing there because it is a shell for sending out spam.

Copy the URL, that is the web page address that starts with http://www. and go and paste it on the Google spam reporting page and they will have a go at it. Here is the link for you.

Be vigilant. Report every time. Stand up for our right to not be used for somebody else’s personal gain. Your blog is yours and should not be used without your approval. 


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Pam's English Garden said...

Important information, Lori, for all bloggers. P. x