Monday, March 18, 2013


Due to the problem of morons posting filth on here I may have to eliminate anonymous comments. It will be wait and see for now but if I do block the comments you can email me for information or you can create a free Google account that will then allow you to post on here.


Sandy McClay said...

I am having the same problem,
I put the number and letter verification back on, let's see if that stops it...if not I agree it will cut down a bunch on people who can visit...:(

Shirley said...

I had to resort to verification as well as my blogs were getting an outstanding amount of unrelated comments, mostly with the intention of promoting their sites and products, with the occasional R rated links. It's too bad we have to do it, but we do.

On another note, thanks for visiting my blog post about the 2013 Full House Lottery. Of the three houses I viewed and blogged about, my favourite is the Greyhawk home. I noted that all the houses were decorated in cool neutral colours this year. I thought I'd see splashes of colour throughout, but not this time.

It's been years since I've looked at the genealogy research I had compiled with the assistance of family members. Perhaps when we are more settled in our new home, I will tackle that project again. Do you do this for your own family, or do you assist others with their research as well? I have a good friend who is a genealogist and sometimes is hired to help others with their research. She loves it! I see you do too. :)

Have a wonderful week!