Friday, October 7, 2011


I need you to help out a local charity and it will cost you nothing but a few minutes of your time to vote online. 

This is one post I would like to see go viral amongst bloggers. I would love it if you would share it. If you do share it ask your readers to share it too. You can tweet it or Facebook it right from the web page. Please. Share. It costs nothing.
In the Vancouver East side there is a lot of poverty. Without getting into politics or discussions of parental responsibilities lets try to help this School win a large grant. How do you do that? Simply vote for their project to win. You do this online by signing in with an email address and then searching out their project by number. 11733…. you can vote for them everyday for 15 days straight. If they make it on to the next round we will hope for your support again.
Here is a link to their page 
Here is a bit of their information taken from the voting site:
“Admiral Seymour Elementary School is located in Vancouver's Downtown East Side and is one of our city's needy inner city schools. Seymour's population is made up of 133 students enrolled in 7 divisions, including a district class for students with special needs. (Learning Disabilities + Behaviour Disorders) The demographics of our learning community are diverse; over 70% of our students speak another language at home other than English, which amounts to 42% of our population qualifying to receive ESL support, 32% of our students are aboriginal, and 25% of our students have been identified with having special learning challenges such as learning disabilities, behavioral challenges, medical diagnosis etc. Many of our students do not have designations that warrant ministry funding for support from counselors, art therapists or expressive art therapists. However, they are our most vulnerable children. The ones who are perpetually filled with sadness and anxiety. These are the children who seem to be falling through the cracks.”
I know how kind and generous all of you are. Please take a moment to vote for this project and remember to vote each day for 15 days or up to the cut off date. Please…….thank you.

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