Saturday, July 31, 2010


I recently found this photo of my grandparents, Rosana Pinard (1877-1946) and Joseph Omer Lemire (1867-1950). They lived in Trois Rivieres, Quebec. I never knew them as they died before I was born.
The photo was found while I was snooping through my sister's big box of photos. She had a bunch of interesting ones in there and I think we were both surprised that this one was in there.
My point is that if you don't get snoopy you may miss out on some great finds. Ask your relatives if you can see their photos. They may not know what they have or they may not even care.
I borrowed several to copy and I made sure I gave them back to her the very next time I saw You may even have to use a camera to photograph the pictures instead of taking them out of someones home. Not many people would let you I am sure.


Sandy said...

What a great photo...they must have been proud of that beautiful stove!!!! I just recently had a dream come true with photos...I will post about it on my genealogy blog! I hit the motherlode!!!!! And I get to keep them! :):)

hummer said...

This is so true. I look at their expressions and wonder what they were thinking.
I was able to have the complete picture album of my dad's family because my aunt let me have them to copy after she saw how excited I was about them.

Nancy said...

What a great photo! It's very sweet to see your grandparents sitting side by side in their rockers next to their beautiful stove. I love the patterns on the linoleum and curtains. Do you have stories about your grandparents? It's so true that we need to ask to see what photos others have and then ask if they'llshare.

Anonymous said...

Lori, it's been ages since I have been here! How are you? I am back to blogging, and I am looking forward to reading your posts again! I hope you are still hosting your writing contest.

Donna marie

Michelle said...

I've had great luck taking photos of photos...does that make sense? Even taking photos through glass has worked out well as long as the lighting is indirect to avoid any glare.

Sorry I've not visited your blog in a while. I'm feeling so much better now but still have bad days and I have to rest. Hope to back 100% some day soon as the pain is getting very old, very fast.

Celestial Charms said...

What a fabulous photo. I wonder if the floor was a linolium type or possibly tile. Such a pretty pattern on it. I love the feeling when we stumble upon a photo we never knew existed.

glenda said...

What a wonderful picture, I sure am in love with that stove.