Sunday, July 4, 2010


 I used to have lots of time to work on family trees. Since going back to work full time however things have obviously changed. When I found a little extra time this weekend I started going back through the emails I had saved into my family tree folder. 
Over the last several months (and some longer) I have saved emails from distant relatives who have contacted me and are sharing pictures and pedigrees with me. I would have had the time to add them into my tree but first I will have to check out the information for myself and find some sources for each and every person. This will take a lot of time. 
I really appreciate the generosity of these people (keep it coming) but I feel badly that I haven't updated things with these new found family members. 
How about you? Do you have stacks of data just waiting to be proved before you add it to your tree? Have you ever added stuff in without checking and then found it all to be incorrect? YES!!!! Have you sent information to someone and then noticed they never added it to their trees? 


Sandy said...

Oh yes!!!!!! I recently found someone on my Dad's side that has boxes and boxes of photos Lori!!!!! She was three weeks from taking them to the dump!!!!! This could be the mother lode.....I get them in about three weeks.....had I not kept going I would never have found her! It was meant to be! In exchange for the photos I will send her a completed tree.....this is the kind of find you hear abotu, but I have never been this lucky! I am now!!!!! I have a hard time getting rid of emails and such.....but I need too. ONe of my greatest treasures is my great grandfather's and my mother's great grandfather's Civil War pension files.....they are chock full of goodies. I will not be getting rid of that paper! :):) And yes, I have added things to have them taken out later.....I guess it is my way of just putting the info down....I have them marked a certain way so I know to verify!!!!! It is good talking to you! :):)

hummer said...

I have done the cardinal no no. I added a tree to my pedigree without checking the tree. Oh my a year later, I am still fixing.
Sandy sound like she had found a treasure beyond measure. I have never found a pack rat in my family.
Good post.
Loved the post on the Blood Reserve. Never knew about them. Good information. Thanks.