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Share A Slice of Your Life has asked us to write about a first in our lives or the lives of our ancestors. This is a new site and you should head over for a peek and maybe join in. 
I know many of  you have seen this story before but I couldn't think of a bigger first than this one. 
I am re-posting this story of my 11th great grandfather who was the first apothecary in New France. His family was the first family to come intact from France to live in the new country. 
 The other first for this meme is is the fact that it is my blogoversary here. 1 year anniversary. You know what? I didn't even remember. Teena in Toronto noticed and sent me good wishes. Thanks Teena. 

Louis Hebert was a very important man in the early history of New France (Quebec). He was my 11th. Great Grandfather and here is what I know about him.
Louis was born about 1575 in St. Germain,
d'Auxerre, France apparently living in a house near the Louvre. He was also married in France but came to New France without his family.
Louis Hebert was an apothecary. This would be like a herbalist/pharmacist at the time.
In 1606 Louis Hebert sailed with Samuel Champlain to Port Royal, Annapolis Royal, Nova
Scotia. There is a river and an island named for Hebert. In the summer of that same year they sailed to the southwest looking for suitable sites for settlement. The area they were attracted to is now Gloucester, Massachusetts. Louis was known for cultivating land and they planted a clearing there to test the soil fertility. He planned to bring his family there.
At one point in this expedition Louis, Samuel Champlain and others
leaped from their ship in the middle of the night to aid some of the men from the ship who against orders did not stay on board and were now being attacked by the inhabitants of the area. They returned to France in 1607. I will continue this story with the return of Louis to New France in 1610 in another post.
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Texasblu said...

This is exciting! I feel like I'm in a suspense novel... can't wait to read what happens next! I'm so glad you chose to write about an ancestor - their stories need to be told!

Thanks for joining us at Share a Slice of Life! :)

Texasblu said...

Oh - and I forgot to wish you a happy blogoversary! I never notice when mine is either! *blush*

hummer said...

Congratulations for the Blogoversary!...I love reading your blogs.
Thanks for your comments, I must have missed a writing prompt. I love having others give me a clue. ; )

My Grama's Soul said...

Loved reading about your ancestors. One of these days I'm going to get my act together enough to post about mine. I have a book written about all of them as a resource, but to compile it concisely seem like such a daunting undertaking.


Little Miss Sunshine said...

Happy Anniversary! Thanks for your comments on my slice of life, it was nice to have a visitor. My son is so jealous of this story of your ancestor. How cool! Can't wait to hear the rest.

Kathy said...

Love reading about your ancestors! I have been getting more information lately about my family! Such a wonderful treat!!!

Steve Finnell said...

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Sandi McBride said...

Always interesting to read about our past, we learn so much from it Enjoyed this the first time, too

Maureen said...

How interesting. I don't know if you ever been there but I can see why he chose Gloucester. Beautiful seashore area.

Bonne anniversaire!