Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Linda @ Flipside is a sneaky one for sure. Yesterday I awarded her blog the Kreative Blogger award in recognition of her many interesting and creative posts on her site. She has done amazing research on her family trees and posts such interesting things. 
Now Linda knows I have two blogs and she turned around and gave the award right back to me for this blog. Ha, sneaky I told ya! 

Well thank you Linda. It is appreciated. I will list the 7 things asked for but I will not select 7 more recipients as it was hard enough the last time. Not that there aren't many who deserve it but there are many who have award and tag free blogs. 

7 Things About Me
  1. I am so into genealogy that I will look for stuff for anyone. 
  2. I often solve  brick wall in my research in the middle of the night when I roll over in bed.
  3. I had an uncle who did nothing but research every day in the archives in Ottawa and never shared a word of it with any of the family. (okay not really about me I know)
  4. I have to use a calculator to work out dates and ages because I can't do math in my head. Even simple ones. 
  5. I proved we were Metis when I did my mother's side of the family. It was not something they were proud of in the past but my sisters and I are very proud. 
  6. I have developed an interest in history since starting genealogy because now I can relate it to real people. I think this is something the schools could use to their advantage. 
  7. I think people who do genealogy are always the most generous, kind people out there. They share such fabulous information and photos with complete strangers. I like to think I am the same.

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Greta Koehl said...

I agree with you on #7 and almost included your #6 in my list as well. If history teachers incorporated a little genealogy in their classes, they might get even more kids interested in history.