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Genealogy is synonymous with sharing I think. How lucky for me to find the site of a generous  researcher, Michel Robert
Michel has done a great deal of research that includes one set of my 8th. great grandparents. He was even in France and has photographed the original home of theirs from the 1500's. 
His web site is full of interesting genealogy research, photos and facts. I really had little on my relative other then an approximate birth date in France and the names of both his wives and 8 of his children. He generously allowed me to use his photographs in this post.

La Barre home of Julienne Baril and Marin Boucher. Handed down in her family.

Marin Boucher was born around 1589 in Mortagne, France. He married his first wife Julienne Baril in February of 1611. Their son Francois married Florence Gareman in 1641 making them 7th great grandparents. I don't have the names yet of any more of their children but Michel says there were

After the death of Julienne in 1627 Marin still lived in the house in France that had been handed down through the Baril family. I don't  have any records of the other children from his first marriage but Michel states there were 7 in all baptized in St. Langis all said to be from La Barre which is how the family house was referred to noting the great grandfather of Julienne whose surname was Barr.
Being left with young children it was imperative Marin marry again and he chose Perrine Malet. With her he had 7 children one of which became one of my 7th great grandmothers, Madeleine Boucher.
St. Langis, church where Marin Boucher's children were baptized. 
I have had this happen several times in my tree where I am connected not only through a married couple but also through more than one of their children who end up connected to me down the line. Inbreeding at it's best. 
There is much more I could add but I don't want to simply post a copy of Michel's own research. He has worked very hard on gathering so much personal information. You should have a look at his site, Genealogy of New France in North America. It is bursting with information, maps, passenger lists.


My Grama's Soul said...

Hi Lori - I, too, am from French ancestry so I find the info interesting and the photos beautiful. My wonderful SIL, Sandy, 521 Lakestreet - is attempting to do my genealogy, but I think she has quite a task in front of her. I'm anxious to see what she comes up with.

Bye for now

@eloh said...

This is really wonderful that you have these pictures.

I should hunt up a genealogist in Mayland to get some pictures for me, so many other things get in the way.

Sandi McBride said...

Marvelous to know so much about your family tree...keep digging!

Evelyn Yvonne Theriault said...

This is a great link, Lori. Thanks!
Evelyn in Montreal

Anonymous said...

A hearty hails to my extended family.

Dennis Boucher,
Wyandotte, MI. U.S.A.

Michelle said...

What a treasure the photo of the family home from the 1500's. I've not done much research in France although I done quite a bit in England. England can get mightly funky when you start researching royal last names is tough. So their first name is "Duke" or "King"..pulease!

Anonymous said...

Marin Boucher is a part of my lineage too! My mom and I were just talking about him today when I came across this site. Our family tree stems from Pierre Boucher! What a small world after all!

Ingrid Sagor said...

Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos, I am doing a project on my french canadian ancestors and found that I am directly related to Marin Boucher on my grandfather Wilfred Desrosier's side-both matrilineal and patrilineally, which is interesting, as you've pointed out the frequency of intermarriage especially in the first hundred years of the colony of New France.

Anonymous said...

hi! yes, my French Canadian lines are intensely inbred!!! I am related to Marin Boucher thru 8 different lines that I have found so far... and I have several brick walls, that, when they open up will no doubt go back to the early founding families, and may include more lines to Marin! LOL!

anyway, thanks for the pics. and thanks to Michel Robert (nice French name there!). I've seen pics of the house before but I don't recall seeing pics of the church ;D

hugs from a cuzzin'

Donella S

Lori E said...

Donella it would lovely to chat with you about our family. You should email me directly. Maybe I can help you with some of those brick walls.

diane said...

Hi Lori, Marin Boucher is my 10th g/grandfather. My line continues through his daughter Francoise who married jean plante in 1650. The surnames from Plante are LeFebvre, Marsille, Achin and then my surname De Seve. I have Marin's father as jaques born in 1562 and jaques father as jean born in 1535. Joe DeSeve

Lori E said...

Hi Diane. Always good to hear from another cousin. I'll have a look through my info to see the connection.

Kelli said...

Hello, beautiful research! Marin Boucher was my 10th great grandfather as well.
It's amazing to see such history still standing. Thank you!
Marin Boucher (1589 - 1671)
is your 10th great grandfather

Francois BOUCHER (1617 - 1672)
son of Marin Boucher

Pierre BOUCHER Dit Des Roches (1648 - 1702)
son of Francois BOUCHER

Francois Boucher Derosiers (1684 - 1760)
son of Pierre BOUCHER Dit Des Roches

Jacque Ignace Derosier (1750 - 1809)
son of Francois Boucher Derosiers

Francois Boucher DeRosier (1778 - 1828)
son of Jacque Ignace Derosier

Marie Helene 'Zeline' DeRosier (1811 - 1866)
daughter of Francois Boucher DeRosier

Eliza Ann Foreman (1834 - 1864)
daughter of Marie Helene 'Zeline' DeRosier

William Derossier Cheney (1858 - 1927)
son of Eliza Ann Foreman

Bascom S Cheney (1908 - 1989)
son of William Derossier

Betty Evelyn Cheney (1936 - 1999)
daughter of Bascom Cheney

Unknown said...

I am also related, as the years wen down my great grand father maried a woman called marie-ange Boucher witch they had my grand father, my grand father had my mother and I was there first born son

Alain Gaudreau said...

I am also related, as the years wen down my great grand father maried a woman called marie-ange Boucher witch they had my grand father, my grand father had my mother and I was there first born son

retired in Texas said...

Site is great--pictures especially.

I've traced my ancestry back to Marin Boucher and then to his parents Jacques Jean Boucher and Francoise Madeleine Paigne. Sites pretty consistently list Jean Boucher as Jacques' father and most list Francoise Roussin as his mother. However, I've also found sites that say Jeanne Mercier was his second wife and the mother of Jacques Jean. I've also found so many birth dates for Jacques Jean that I wonder if there were two sons with the same name but different mothers. Any definitive information?
Disregard my first comment. I was looking at the wrong information

Lori E said...

Hello to Retired in Texas.
I have found many times that when a child dies they give the same name to the next one. No wonder we get so confused.

Marie Weatherbee said...

well hello Lori!
I too am related, ! believe I am an 8th great grand child to Marin as well.
Marin, Francois (YOB 1617), Pierre 1648, Pierre 1688, Honore 1716, Paul 1760, Paul Boucher dit Villard 1790, Henry 1817, and John Frances Villard 1862, other names used for the baptisms Bushey, Boucher, Bushee, Bushy. My Grandmother daughter of John Frances was the first generation female in my fathers line. I have had such a difficult time finding this line due to them taking on the Villard name. However each Baptism their record was listed as some form of Boucher listed above. With some others who have dome the family research and my great grandfather's sibling downline who kept the Bushey name I was able to trace back. An interesting history for the Boucher family. The family I am downline of settled in Prince Edward Island late 1700 - early 1800, in the area of the current town of Souris.

Lori E said...

Hi Marie,
It is always great to "meet" another member of the family line. My line from Francois is through his son, Denys who married Jeanne Miville.

Anonymous said...


It's great to see these photos! I'm also a great, great, great...-grandaughter of Marin Boucher. Hi, cousin! :-)

My mother's cousin (Ruth Taylor) had done research in the 1990's back to 1510/1529 to Marin's grandfather and included great family stories and historical notes along with the lineage (available online). I've been hunting down photos to complement her wonderful research to share with my own children.

I had dug up our family tree again several years back when my daughter took a trip with her French class over Winter Break to Quebec. I knew my own grandmother had been born in Three Rivers and that we had old connections to Quebec, but when I discovered there was a plaque in the city with Marin & his wife's name, honoring the early pioneers - my daughter was excited to tell her teacher. They endeavored to find it and take a photo - but I don't think that happened due to their schedule.

Thanks again - I'll have to check out Michel Robert's site, as well!

- T. H. (Philadelphia, PA USA)

michele carr said...

Hello cousins!!! Marin is also my 8th great grandfather. I love geneology research. That being said I just read that there are a bunch of us connected to him. I would love to plan a trip soon to Boucherville. My maiden name is Dion and yes,they are related to the Boucher family!!! Sir names are Chiasson...Dion....Boucher.