Friday, July 10, 2009


This picture is of a home in the Red River Settlement of Manitoba. It was taken in 1870. I do not know who is in the photo. Even if they were not related to me they certainly knew my family. The cart in the picture was a Red River cart made with wood and tied together with leather. The squeal of the leather and wood made a sound that could be heard for miles. It was very stable with two large wheels that would maneuver through marsh and mud and was also buoyant enough to float across a stream.

A Red River CartImage by inkbase via Flickr

The windows of the home were of course small. Glass was a luxury and also the Manitoba winters were beyond harsh.

Source: Archives of Manitoba/Archives du Manitoba, Red River Settlement - Homes 1, N4611
Year: 1870

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@eloh said...

My dad had a very small version of this that he called a goat cart. Must have been a very stable design.