Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Jean Lalonde dit Esperance was my 8th great grandfather. He was born about 1641 in Rouen, Normandie, France. He married in New France (Quebec)November 14, 1669 to Marie Barbary

Quebec City - Port St. LouisImage by David Paul Ohmer via Flickr

(Barbant) who was a Filles du Roi. It is said that Marie had a dowry of 200 livres. These women came to New France to marry and help populate the new land. This was arranged and sponsored by Louis XIV.
Jean died September 30, 1687 in an attack by the Iroquois on the little parish of St. Louis. He was the lone churchwarden of the area. I have found four children from this marriage.

I found the wine label above on the internet. It marked the 300 year anniversary of Jean's death. The photo was credited to Labatts Brewery. I contacted the company and they directed me to the archivist for Labatts. She said to email her the picture and she would see what she could find but I never heard back from her.

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lindalee said...

I would say you have some pretty interesting folks in your tree....no nuts so far...lol Not many can claim a wine label with a drawing on it. Nice piece of research!

Michelle said...

Pretty cool about the wine label. It's odd what you can find once you are in research mode. My GGrandfather worked on a mail boat as a steam engineer. The mail boat worked on the Detroit River and I found a picture of the very mail boat. It's nice to find the little tidbits of info for our ancestors. No matter how small I treasure it all.

@eloh said...

E-mail that woman again...no fair her using that label and not sharing.

Anonymous said...

Well he was my great great ....... Grand father as well! My name is Eliane Lalonde born in Montreal Quebec
How interesting that is.

Lori E said...

You should contact me via email to share history Eliane.

Anonymous said...

He was also my great, great... grandfather. It's wonderful to see all this information once you research your family.
Sherry Gates (Lalonde)

Anonymous said...

He was also my great great great...(keep on going awhile....haha) grandfather. I would love to share history with anyone!
Feel free to email me at hodgesmylove@yahoo.com

Barb Deubel. Upstate Ny