Saturday, June 6, 2009

I have been doing genealogy for several years and it is a very rewarding pursuit. Blogging I have only been doing since mid February on one site and only a couple weeks on this site. I am very lucky to have been given this award to place on both of my sites from Linda @ Flipside. Linda has been one of my first followers on both blogs and I always love to read her posts on genealogy. She does her homework and dots all her Is and crosses all her Ts. She leaves great comments and encouraging words. To have her send me this is truly great. Thank you Linda.

This award was created in honour of Janice Brown by Terry Thorton @ Hill Country of Monroe County, Mississippi. I am very pleased to be associated with these great bloggers by the luck of receiving this award from Linda. I will try live up to the blogging standards.

I am to pass on this award of course but I won't be doing it right now due to the fact that it is 10:00 at night and my allergies are so bad I can't think straight. Stay tuned.

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lindalee said...

I am glad you began this separate genealogy blog to highlight your talents in the field of research in genealogy. I certainly get my daily dose of Lori E between the two blogs. Love them both! Your friend from Flipside.