Monday, September 21, 2009


The most amazing thing happened today. I received an email from one of my sisters. I know that is amazing in itself but stick with me here. She sent me some photos that she received from her sister-in-law that were taken in the early 1960's.
My sister was on a trip with her husband and his mother from Ontario to Nova Scotia to visit her brother in law in the navy. Their trip took them through Quebec. They sat down in front of some statues and had their picture taken. She never thought anything of it again until this week, over 40 years later, when she was sent the picture in an email.Isn't she pretty? That is my big sister on the left and her dear mother in law on the right. Nothing unusual here is there? Until you look at the statues and read the inscription. I have written about these people immortalized in these monuments before. They are our 11th great grandparents, Louis Hebert and Marie Rollet.
The odd thing here is that we didn't know this until a couple of years ago when I discovered our connection and added them into our family tree.

I am so excited about this. I actually had shivers up my spine when I saw the old photo.


Thomas MacEntee said...


I've had this same thing happen in my family! I call it being "guided by ancestors" - there is no other way to explain why there would be an attraction to a gravestone or monument.

Sandy McClay said...

Wow! Lori, this happened to me and my husband in New Orleans. We took a photo in front of a statue, and after my folks died I found a photo of them in front of the same exact statue! Shivers for sure! How fun! :)

Michelle said...

WOW..I've had similar experiences and not always with my family.

Once I was doing a cemetery lookup for a man in Indiana. It was at a nearby cemetery but not one I was familiar with. I had time on Sunday and so drove on over but the office was closed. I love walking cemeteries so drove around a little and then pulled over and parked. I started walking into the section on a diagonal, not really going to any one spot. And there at my feet was a military stone. Surprisingly it was the stone I was supposed to find for the man in IN!!!!

On Monday I drove up again to the cemetery and this time the office was open and they kindly copied the burial records for me. The death date was 1945 but the burial date was 1952. Come to find out the man was a naval pilot stationed in the Pacific. His plane went down and the wreakage was not discovered for 7 yrs.

I think this man wanted his story told!