Saturday, August 8, 2009


Randy @ Genea-Musings has given us a Saturday night challenge. Our mission should we choose to accept it is to list our ancestors 5 generations back. This gives us 16 people. We are to also list their information as well as their ethnicity. That will be pretty easy for me.
Here we go:
  1. Francois Lemire b. 1783 in Nicolet, Quebec- d.1854 Nicolet, Quebec, French

    MRC Nicolet-Yamaska, QuebecImage via Wikipedia

  2. Marie Louise Salmon b. 1786, Nicolet, Quebec- d.1861 Nicolet, Quebec, French
  3. Antoine Martel b. 1793 Baie du Febvre, Quebec - d. 1860 Nicolet, Quebec, French
  4. Rosalie Faucher dit Chateauverd b. 1791 Baie du Febvre, Quebec - d. 1874 Nicolet French
  5. Etienne Pinard dit Beauchemin b. 1813 Nicolet, Quebec - d. 1895 Nicolet, Quebec, French
  6. Marguerite Beauchemin b. 1814 Nicolet, Quebec - d. 1880 Nicolet, Quebec, French
  7. Louis Theophile Pinard b. 1829 Nicolet, Quebec - d. 1910 Nicolet, Quebec, French
  8. Agnes Leblanc b. 1839 Nicolet, Quebec - d. 1877 Nicolet, Quebec, French
  9. Emmanuel Beaugrand dit Champagne b. 1799 Berthierville, Quebec - d. 1872 St. Boniface, Manitoba, French

    Cemetary, St-Boniface Cathedral, Manitoba, CanadaImage by merlinprincesse via Flickr

  10. Madeleine Laderoute b. 1828 St. Boniface, Manitoba - d. unknown, Manitoba, Metis, (French & Aboriginal)
  11. Daniel Carriere b. 1823 Red River, Manitoba - d. unknown, Metis (French & Aboriginal)
  12. Dorothee Landry b. 1826 St. Boniface, Manitoba - d. 1898 St. Boniface, Manitoba, Metis
  13. Moise Carriere b. 1819 Red River, Manitoba - d. 1890 Desalaberry, Manitoba, Metis
  14. Josephte Beaugrand dit Champagne b. 1828 Red River, Manitoba - d. unknown, Metis
  15. Thomas Stanislaus Bruneau b. 1833 St. Boniface, Manitoba - d. 1896 Desalaberry, Manitoba, Metis
  16. Adelaide Landry b. 1834 Red River, Manitoba - d. 1925 Desalaberry, Manitoba, Metis
So I figure my ancestors were 56.25 % French and 43.75% Metis (French & Aboriginal). So would this mean I would add another 21.875 % to my French side? That would make me 78.125% French and 21.875% Aboriginal. Depending on how you look at this I guess I would also be 100% Canadian.
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DianaR said...

Wow - that's very French! I'm amazed that all of your 16 were born in Canada. I tend to think - rightly or wrongly - that Canada has the same high percentage of immigrants as the US. But then I'm sure there are many US people with all 16 born here. I am just a relative "newcomer" with at least 1/2 of my 16 born elsewhere. Probably not going to be qualifying for anything like the DAR :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow.. I wish I had know about this!!!! I would have certainly joined! :) Fantastic Job and most interesting family background!

Donna Marie